Dear friends,

Welcome to the "Energy Healing And Wellness of Numbers", a simple process which brings energy healing, harmony and balance to all the levels of the physical form known as you.

Everything in the universe has a unique vibrational energy. Every object, every being, every thought, every action. Your physical body in its healthy state has a specific rate of vibration. When you are sick your vibrational rate changes and you are no longer in balance with your true nature.

Your thoughts vibrate at their own rate. A positive thought makes you feel better than a negative thought. That good feeling is the result of a change in vibrations. You may not feel the changes as vibrations, you simply feel better.

When we are sick we try to not think of the pain. It is not easy to think of something that makes us feel good, so we use numbers as a point of focus. Not just any numbers, but specific numbers that vibrate at the frequency of wellness of the part of the body that is ill.

Throwing a pebble in a still pond causes a vibration we call a ripple. Our thoughts make a ripple that we can't see, but we can feel it. Even if we don't feel it, it is still there. A vibration is an invisible ripple.

The vibrations of the numbers and symbols in this process are in harmony with the normal healthy functioning of the part of you that is now out of balance. If you are experiencing a headache, the vibrations in your head are out of harmony with what is normal for you. By raising your vibrations to your healthy normal rate, the ache in your head will go away.


Chakra Healing

Healing Symbol

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