The First Eight Numbers

Seven of the first eight numbers have a small symbol attached. Thinking of them and visualizing them in relation to specific areas of your body (see diagram) opens you to be in reception of the healing properties of the vibrations. Thinking of the numbers 1 - 8 will create a sense of well being that comes from having all the areas of your body in harmony and balance. That in itself is a kind of healing.

As you visualize these numbers and symbols, think the following affirmation:

I choose to vibrate in harmony with the healing energy of these numbers.

The energy related to every illness vibrates at a specific rate. Now, choose from the list on the next page a word that relates best to your condition. Clicking on that word will open a link that will show you your wellness number, symbol and affirmation of wellness.

Energy Healing

Chakra Healing

Healing Symbol

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